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SpikeyBot was shut down January 1, 2021.

Thank you all for enjoying and supporting SpikeyBot during its few years of life!
For the latest information, please join the bot's Discord server.

SpikeyBot 10k Celebration Winner Submission

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Hi there! Welcome to our weird little subculture within the server, the Hungry Games channel. I’m Shark, and I’ll be your host to this madness. This guide is for those who want some more context on the silly things we’ve developed over the months, so you, too, can join in the chaos!

(What typically happens when I ping the Tribute role. Art/edit/banner by @Teamione!)

Our Hungry Games House Rules

- If you die in the bloodbath and are in the channel watching the Games live, you get a free pity res (resurrection). This only applies during the bloodbath "day," no mercy if you’re late!

- You can sacrifice yourself for any NPC at any time, as long as you've already survived the current day. You can’t sacrifice yourself for another player.

- Soulbinding: If two players agree, they can bind their Hungry Games souls. This gives one free res to one of them, but for the rest of the Game those players are bound together. If one is healed/injured/killed/res'd, the other is too. One or both players must be alive to form a soulbind! This can also happen randomly through a custom event, and cannot be opted out of >:)

- The Ravungus, Tingle, and Groose NPCs are Evil, and there are clauses to prevent their victory. This is no fault of canon Groose, it's because of a fateful Game a very long time ago where he decimated everyone. In this channel we want Groose dead.

The Clauses

These exist to prevent the victory of certain NPCs. If one of these NPCs is the last player standing, the command for the clause will be dropped before the victory message can send.

- The Ravungus Clause:  Res all the non-canon NPCs. As many times as necessary.

- The Tingle Clause:  Res all nine Link NPCs. As many times as necessary.

- The Groose Clause:  Res all Skyward Sword NPCs. If he still triumphs, he can win.

Memes/Term Glossary

- Bobby : The name of our Hungry games bot/Spikeybot, Bobby the Blobby. Aka Bobbert, if we're mad at him.

- Bobby Patented Comeback (BPCB) : This refers to something the bot likes to do where it takes a player in a fight down to 1 HP and then have them win. It happens a lot and it's pretty easy to tell when it's happening, so we have a helpful shorthand (and an emote) for it!

- Bobby's Favorite/Least   Favorite : Bobby's Favorite is Kay (KaytaiZ). Bobby's least favorite is Caleb (Spartan). Maybe someday Caleb will win. Probably Caleb will never win. In the event that Caleb wins, I’ve sworn to do an @everyone to let the whole server (1000+ people) know.

- Caleb’s Toothbrushes : Every day that Caleb is dead, he gets a free toothbrush. If he gets revived, anyone killed by the toothbrushes gets a free res. Except Caleb. Only applies if Caleb is present. And if I remember.

- Don't Cheer : Technically “just a superstition,”but if you cheer for someone the bot knows  and will kill them. Doesn’t usually work as reverse psychology, though.

- Don't Even Think : Sometimes he even knows if you think too hard. No thoughts. Head Empty.

- Hungry Gayng : A term/role given to the group of people that most frequently show up for games! There’s no real significance to it, mostly just for fun/for the street cred!

- Speedrun : If the bot lags, it's still generating events- when it unfreezes it dumps them all on us at once. Hence, speedrun.

- Time Loop : For reasons unknown, sometimes the bot fails to move to the next day and instead repeats some or all of the previous one. There’s no manual override for this, we just wait it out and it fixes itself.

Bonus Clauses (Just for fun)

- The Crepe Clause : Give Crepe (Holy Crepe) 1 alcohol if she survives the bloodbath. If someone is killed by the alcohol, they get a free res. Except Crepe. Only applies if Crepe is present. And if I remember.

- The Epona Clause : If the Epona NPC wins, tell her she’s a good girl and give her a carrot.

- The Zell Clause : If Zell (MajesticGaZell) gets a kill, kill them instantly and res an NPC of our choosing.

- The Shark’s Mom Clause : If the Shark’s Mom NPC is the first death in the bloodbath, the game has to be restarted. This was her condition for agreeing to be an NPC.

Our NPCs

Canon LoZ NPCs (Just Zelda Characters)

(Nine versions of Link, Beedle, Cartoon Link, Dark Link, Epona, Ezlo, Fi, Ghirahim, Groose, Hylia, Impa, King of Red Lions, Linkle, Malon, Marin, Midna, The Moon, Navi, Ravio, Sheerow, Skull Kid, Tetra, Tingle)

Canon LoZ NPCs (But We Messed With Them a Little)

- All the Zeldas : It’s just all the Zeldas because we couldn’t pick one.

- Rehydrated Ganon : Ganon from the BotW 2 trailer. Affectionately dubbed "Rehy."

- A Korok : A Korok, but with a gun .

- Demise is a Little Bitch : Technically our Demise NPC...? It literally came to Crepe in a dream.

- The Fierce Dadity : The Fierce Deity, but a Dad. Dadity. DF_Chan’s wonderful art!

- The Great Deck You Treesus : Started as a suggestion for a Deku Tree NPC. Became The Great Deck You Tree to increase lethality, starting a brief #DeckYouTree4Smash campaign. Became the Great Deck You Treesus after being res'd with just one other tribute alive , the latest res we've ever seen.

(Above: Treesus himself. Art by @Holy Crepe)

Non-Canon NPCs

- Bill Nye the Science Guy : BILL BILL BILL BILL-

- Definitely Not a Yiga : Just an innocent bystander.

- Lonk from Pennsylvania : He’s Lonk, from Pennsylvania.

- Ravungus : A cursed relic of the server's early days. A scourge on our virtual land.

- Superior Lizard : This is a lizard toy owned by another server member that I want. It beat another lizard in single combat and became an NPC. I have no memory of this event.

- Homestuck Lizalfos : Aka Dave. By Crepe again.

- Pedes-tree-an : Dumb pun originating in general chat based on a weird stock photo.

- Redacted Duck : Genuinely I have no goddamn idea, it's probably Crepe's fault again.

- The Grape : This is a grape (several grapes, really) that Crepe (again) and I have cooked in increasingly stupid ways. Guess whose fault this NPC is (it’s Crepe).

- April Bot : This is a character from Sharknado 6. Don’t ask questions.

- Superior-er Lizard 2.0 : It’s the same lizard…but now he is PAINTED! And therefore BETTER!

- Shark’s Mom : By popular demand, it’s my mom. She’s kind of a server legend. She agreed to be an NPC if she could be Xena and not die first. Beautiful artwork by Crepe.

- Lank from California : Lonk from Pennsylvania’s rival. Cousin? Something.

- Conepine : He’s…he’s just a pinecone cat. He’s got a bit of a cult following. A pretty big cult following, actually.

- Dink Labeouf :

- Brian Who Sells Listerine : He sells Listerine. Conepine’s enemy…? Brian’s lore is still developing.

Additional Art, Musings, and yes, Fanfiction

(Conepine stealing Brian’s Listerine. Art by @Kirb)

(Your typical Hungry Gaymes bloodbath, feat. one of our best custom events. Art by @Squirrel)

(Brian Who Sells Listerine’s first death as an NPC. He sold Listerine. Art by susmarie)

Oh, Spikeybot creator. You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.

Spikeybot- A Memoir  by @memelissa (Mel)

Welcome to Chaos  by @Aspen Zadri (Aspen)

And finally, a 9 page, 3k word dramatization of a Game that we ran in the temporary server we made to plan this crazy collab.

The Gayng Gaymes  by @InkedMyths (Ink)

Thank you Spikeybot!

You’ve brought together a bunch of people who probably wouldn’t have found each other otherwise! These are some of the people that I most enjoy spending time with, whether it’s on late night voice chats, our biweekly movie nights, or screaming for virtual bloodshed. Below is the list of people who joined at a moments notice to cobble this together in less than a week, through contributions, support, and memes. So many memes.

-The Hungry Gayng

@ Aspen Zadri @Cocoon @FrostedSilverWings @Holy Crepe @InkedMyths @Kirb

@Laziest Owl @M ae @McTimeWithAutomail @Sharktoraptor @SkywardShawn @Soot @Spartan @Sparx @Squirre @StrikerEZ @Teamione @attic-gremlin @axmaree @dis_cat_ded @memelissa @quillinthestars @soybean @susmarie @wolfriver777 @Pollyanna

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